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State-of-the-art market research knowledge

Carolina Perez-Venero has the unique advantage of offering state-of-the-art market research knowledge combined with first hand experience applying these skills in Latin America and Europe. She has proved to be invaluable when translating complex technical content from English into French or Spanish by combining her knowledge of the languages with her understanding of how different cultures interpret requests for technical information, something far beyond the reach of most translators that we have worked with. Furthermore, Carolina consistently delivers market research insight along with timely performance of very competitively priced translation projects. She has caught programming errors in the original English text, saving us considerable time and effort.

I strongly recommend Carolingua's services. She has never let us down.

Michael R. Malone, Ph.D.
Momentum Market Intelligence, Inc.

Superior experience

Carolina Perez-Venero has superior experience understanding not only language but culture. I believe this is due to her background in the client and supplier world. Almost every market research project is full of problems and changes. The main reasons we like to work with Carolina are that she likes to solve problems and can deal with change very easily. My company worked with her on a number of projects that required tight timing, and she always came through.

David Glenn
Connected, Inc.

Responsive and friendly

I had the opportunity to use Carolingua's services for an unexpected, rush translation of a lengthy article from Spanish into English. Carolina understood my predicament and was very responsive and friendly. She efficiently analyzed the task, asking the right questions in order to obtain a complete picture of the target audience and the relevant context. I was impressed with how thoroughly she grasped the subject matter, an extended music industry analysis, and how flawlessly she rendered the translation. Carolingua turned around quality work in amazing time. She is a true professional.

Rita Cauce
Department Head, Resource Development
Florida International University Library