Carolingua - Intelligent Translations for Business

Who is Carolingua?

My name is Carolina Perez-Venero.

I have a bachelor's degree in Biology from Stanford University and an MBA from the University of Michigan.

I founded Carolingua in 2001 to fill the need for accurate, responsive, and cost-effective translations for my market research colleagues. Since then, my business has grown to include translations of other marketing communications, such as brochures, web pages, and packaging. Prior to starting my own translation business I worked as a project manager at a market research firm (specializing in Telecom and Information Technology), then as a manager of market research at an international publishing firm. See my resume for more details.

I am fluently trilingual in English, French, and Spanish. I grew up in the Republic of Panama, with frequent travel and extended stays in my mother's native France. I learned French from my Parisian mother and Spanish from my Panamanian father. I learned English in the American schools of the former Panama Canal Zone. I spoke all three languages daily throughout my formative and young adult years.

What can Carolingua do for you?

I am versatile and open to collaborating on a variety of projects. My services include:

  • Perform high quality, fast, and cost-effective translations (English-French-Spanish) of business communications (specializing in market research and marketing communications.)
  • Provide creative translation services for the French, American, Hispanic-American, and Latin American markets: translation of sales/advertising copy, brochures, slogans, business plans, etc. so that they are as effective as the originals and adapted to the culture of the target market.
  • Provide market-research consulting and support services for international research deployment, including study design, questionnaire development, data analysis, presentation development, and report writing.
  • Perform quality-control checks, including reviewing third-party translations for fluency, content accuracy, and grammatical correctness; testing online surveys; and monitoring telephone interviews.
  • Conduct executive telephone interviews in French and Spanish, as well as transcribe the interviews back into English.

Please contact me for more information or to request a quote.