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Why Carolingua?

Accuracy is the cornerstone of market research

Superior linguistic quality. Market research and business communications must be clear, precise, and concise in order to effectively get their point across while projecting a professional image. My goal is to produce translations that sound as if they were originally written in the target language and that are credible to your audience.

Being a native speaker in both the source language and the target language is particularly advantageous: the ability to correctly interpret the source text enables a translator to preserve its exact meaning, and the ability to "think" in the target language enables a translator to produce a natural-sounding translation (as opposed to a literal or word-for-word translation, which can be stilted at best and nonsensical at worst). However being fluent in the languages is not enough — a translator should be a good writer so as to produce a polished and professional text. Furthermore, a translator should have an insider's knowledge of the subject at hand, preferably supported with practical experience. Combining the above, Carolingua guarantees you an "intelligent" translation — one that is well written, fluent, accurate, and optimally adapted to your needs. See Approach for more information about my translation methodology.

Cost-effectiveness. Most translators charge by the word or by the page. Often words and phrases are repeated many times in the same document, or pages are not full of text. An hourly rate is more cost-effective for you when the translator is skilled and efficient, as well as when the documents contain repeating words and phrases. An hourly rate also takes into account the technical difficulty involved: when a text or part of a text is less technical and takes less time, you are charged less.

Turn-around speed. I am committed to meeting your timelines because I know the importance of timely results for your business. I am flexible and able to dedicate time and resources when you need them the most. Projects may be expedited upon request.

Market Research expertise. I understand market research, which means I preserve the robustness of your research methodology. You can feel more comfortable knowing that there is a trained professional ensuring that your documents are accurately translated and research-ready. Incorporating market research awareness in translations helps protect research integrity, avoid respondent fatigue and confusion, and streamline workflows.

  • Protect research integrity. I know how important it is to communicate the exact meaning of your question or message so that you get back meaningful results that can be compared across countries. I understand the methodology that underlies how questions are asked in a survey, and I am skilled at translating those questions so that they remain as unambiguous and as unbiased as in your original instrument.
  • Avoid respondent fatigue and confusion. Complex concepts are not always easy to get across, even in the original language. When you add translation to the mix, it's easy for respondents to become confused or questions to become distorted. I take care to translate your content, no matter how technical or complex, as clearly as possible so that respondents can more easily understand it.
  • Streamline workflows. You can avoid time-consuming special instructions or answering basic questions, which may be required with a translator who has no market research experience. I can easily discern text that needs to be translated from programming instructions or language, since I have experience working in a variety of survey formats. This enables you to launch your studies more quickly and efficiently by avoiding the need to reformat text for translators or to reprogram surveys after translation.

Industry knowledge. I have the background and real-world business experiences necessary to identify and understand the industry-specific terminology and business vocabulary. This, combined with the ability to use the words appropriately given the context, guarantees translations that are always relevant to your audience.

One-on-one personal attention and special value-added services. I can provide the kind of follow-through and personal attention that larger translation agencies cannot deliver. I work as your partner in market research projects, providing added value by understanding your needs and offering research expertise when necessary. For instance, if I find an error or a potential problem — which other translators might not even notice — I would alert you and either correct it or offer possible solutions. I also provide additional quality-control checks by testing online surveys or monitoring telephone interviews post-translation.

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